About Us

About the Magazine

Trapped in Chico: Escaping Life on the Couch is an in-depth guide to various places and activities available in and around Chico.  We promise to entertain a person on a budget. Our readers will get off of the couch and, with our help, will find fun, new ways to appreciate Chico and the surrounding areas.

Our envisioned customer is tired of wasting away on the couch and is looking for interesting ways to be more active. Trapped in Chico also offers fun activities for those with economic or physical disabilities.

About the Writers

Maura Loftus-Sweetland

Maura Loftus-Sweetland grew up in Marin County, Calif. She moved to Chico, Calif. in 2005 to begin her freshman year at California State University, Chico. After trying several majors ranging from theatre arts to interior design, Maura finally chose public relations because of her love of writing. Maura also received her minor in Spanish after spending a year studying abroad in Spain. Maura is currently working as a marketing intern with Gaga Sports & Entertainment, a Bay Area company that designs fan websites for sports teams. She is also a public relations intern for the Associated Students Sustainability office at California State University, Chico. When Maura isn’t studying or working she enjoys going out to dinner with friends, cooking and traveling. Contact her at maura.loftus.sweetland@gmail.com.

Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope grew up in Durango, Colo. and in the fall of 2007 started her college career at California State University, Chico. Lauren has wanted to be a journalist since her first byline was published on the front page of her high school’s newspaper. In the fall of 2008, Lauren collaborated with professors from the College of Communication and Education and the College of Natural Sciences to create her own major in Environmental Journalism. Lauren hopes to one day have a career that involves her passions for writing and the outdoors. For now, Lauren spends her time writing essays on environmental issues and exploring the wild rivers of California and Colorado. Contact her at lpope5@mail.csuchico.edu

Sean Longoria

Sean Longoria

Sean Longoria was born in Germany and grew up all around the United States. He has called Butte County his home since 1993. As a graduating journalism major at Chico State, His newspaper work can be accessed at The Orion. Sean is looking for an active role in the field of journalism that requires his full range of writing and multimedia skills. His professional reporting interests include: politics, crime, community and many other areas of interest. While not writing or reading, Sean enjoys movies, music, traveling, horseback riding and is an avid history buff. For more information, visit Sean’s Web resume or e-mail him at seanjlongoria@yahoo.com.

Katie Mills
Katie Mills

Katie Mills is a senior at Chico State majoring in journalism with an option in news/editorial and a minor in English. She is currently a copy editor at The Orion and will be chief copy editor for the fall semester of 2010. She has created one professional and one personal website and written two blogs, one about journalism and technology and the other about feature writing. She has had three articles published in the Chico Enterprise Record and is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. To contact Katie, please email her at katie.s.mills@gmail.com.

Tawnya Rojas

Tawnya Rojas

As a soon-to-be Chico State graduate, Tawnya Rojas is excited to dive in to the world of public relations. This May, Tawnya will receive a Bachelor’s degree in journalism with an option in public relations and a minor in marketing. In the fall 2009 semester, Tawnya served as an Account Executive for Tehama Group Communications, Chico State’s on-site, student-managed public relations agency. This position provided Tawnya with real hands-on agency experience. Currently, Tawnya is seeking an entry-level public relations position, a company and a team that she can grow with to enhance her skills. Please feel free to contact tawnya via e-mail at tawnya.rojas@hotmail.com or visit her online portfolio. Also, follow tawnya on Twitter @tawnrojas!


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