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You walk up the brick-red colored staircase shaped like an upside-down letter Y, through two sets of doors and face a decision. To your left is a live, encased honeycomb with a queen bee busily scurrying amid thousands of worker bees. To right, a gallery of posters, pictures and pottery all relating to bees.

While many believe that the Chico beer culture relies solely on red plastic cups and cheap, foamy kegs, there actually lies a much richer tradition of distinct and original beers brewed right here in our area.

Take a “daycation” and head out 12 miles east of Chico on Highway 32 towards Forest Ranch to check-out LaRocca Winery and Vineyards, one of only two well-known organic vineyards in the northern county.

For 26 years, Philip LaRocca, owner and winemaker from San Francisco, and his family welcomes guests who are looking to wine taste six different 100 percent organic wines and enjoy the natural wildlife scenery at the ranch.

Chico residents have found a new way to float. Twisting and turning its way through lush greenery and a steep, rocky canyon is Butte Creek. About 20 minutes from town, this section of water is slowly becoming locals’ favorite tubing destination.

The run starts off with a drop in elevation in the creek which causes the water to churn into white, frothy pillows of excitement. Tubers find themselves soaked and pumping with adrenaline after only a few minutes on the creek.

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